competitive network of skilled gamers

Active in online games for more than twenty years, we are passionate gamers who synergize towards the common goal of being outstanding. This resulted in creating Codex, an established competitive network of skilled gamers nearly ten years ago. We value transparency and sharing information while always striving to improve, leading us to continuously achieve impressive feats and constantly compete in MMOs.

Our community is flexible, welcoming a variety of play styles (PvX/PvP/PvE/Craft) and personal goals because we know and respect that each individual is different. The opportunities are yours to seize if you want to be part of something greater while still being respected as an individual with critical roles.

Our requirements are fair with equal opportunities, the greater your merit the greater your rewards. We value and support our members, all of which are proudly mentioned in our Hall of Fame for every Codex Chapter.

We maximize progress with experienced, competent and dedicated managers who have proven their excellent track records. Importantly, managers are extremely motivated members of Codex who strive to improve our community and take it to new heights. Furthermore, clearly pre-defined guidelines prevent misunderstandings and allow for a quick solution to issues. This guarantees all of our members are treated fairly while having the opportunities and support required to further their potential in all aspects of MMOs.

Guild information such as contributions and fair loot distribution is integrated into spreadsheets accessible to all members for transparency. We also have custom bots that link our spreadsheets, website, tools, Discord and TeamSpeak 3 with full server license.
Regarding important topics, we have debates and votes to ensure all decisions are made keeping every member’s best interest in mind by reaching optimal compromises. Every member has a voice, we’re open to opinions, feedback and suggestions.

Finally, respecting and fostering competition is important for us to sustain continued enjoyment for everyone involved, whether you’re with or against Codex.
More details can be found in our megathread.
Thank you for reading, we welcome you to interact with us on our Discord.


At the moment this is our status in other MMOs while actively getting ready for Ashes of Creation.

Officially Playing/Testing:
ArcheAge | Astellia | Ascent: Infinite Realm | Ashes of Creation
◘ Potentially Playing/Testing: Lost Ark | Camelot Unchained | New World | Zeal | Oath
◘ Legacy: TERA | WildStar | Blade & Soul | Revelation Online | MapleStory 2 | Bless Online