Rules and Guidelines

Harassment and toxic behavior is strictly prohibited. All members of Codex or Xedoc represent the guild as a whole, every negative individual action will be used against Codex to cause drama/problems as we are the most known Guild:
◘ Harassment, threats or expressions of discrimination against players, or anything which would otherwise violate the rights of others.
◘ Creating and/or enforcing a negative aura around the guild, other guilds or their players.
◘ Toxic: Mindset or actions which is aimed towards other players with a malicious intent; affecting other players negatively, regardless of the situation.
Pointing out people’s mistakes or advising them of what they are doing wrong is not harassment. This is seen as constructive criticism. We promote the idea of constructive criticism as it can help others however members are advised to take caution in staying respectful while leaving constructive criticism.

The obstructing of Guild progress or the work of Managers in any way is also prohibited:
◘ The disclosure of personal Guild data, for example; GvG plans, notices, information, tactics etc.
◘ Refusing to listen to a Manager’s request, whether it be personal or towards a group of people.
◘ If you are taunted/attacked by other guilds within world or trump chat; forward it towards the GPR and allow them to respond and handle that rather than escalating the situation.
◘ Use of the “Great Voice” Item on behalf of Codex is strictly prohibited without explicit permissions. It should only be used on the behalf of Codex by the GPR for promotion and recruitment purposes only.
◘ Only the GPR Managers are to post on other guild forums threads to prevent conflict and drama.
Codex does not under any circumstances offer member positions to players outside of the guild, everyone is expected to go through the application process equally.

Refusing to follow any of the rules stated above will result in receiving a strike from the Managers. Each member will have a three strike threshold:
◘ First strike is a firm warning, this is received after breaking any of the rules.
◘ Second strike will end in receiving a temporary loot ban from the guild (this means being excluded from receiving any loot from the guild storage for a period of time defined by the severity of the first and second strikes)
◘ Third strike will end up with being removed from the Codex/Xedoc Roster.

– Guidelines –

[♦] Codex is an international guild, therefore you need to speak English. You are free to speak any other language in a channel if you know everyone in it will understand you.

[♦] Get end-game gear or be able to gear up fast. You must also keep up with the latest gear as it is released.

[♦] Be active on a reasonable level. We do not expect you to play 14 hours per day, but extreme cases of the opposite state are not tolerable as well.

[♦] Have the will to become better, effort to improve in any possible aspect of the game and ability to learn quickly from your mistakes.

[♦] You need to match the Guild’s mindset and genuine sense of behavior.

[♦] Respect the Managers, they put countless hours of work and effort into Codex with very little in return.
It is a second job to them and they do it because they care about keeping Codex at the top. If you do not trust the Managers you shouldn’t be in the Guild.

[♦] No religious/political/racist/sexist discussions in public or Guild.

[♦] Be on TeamSpeak and Discord when you are online. You do not have to talk or constantly socialize, however remember that a guild is only strong if everyone is able to work together. This helps to improve coordination and communication during PvX. Remember that it is mandatory that you are on the right channel for any content with the guild. If you aren’t doing anything with the guild please still be on TeamSpeak so we can reach you easily.

[♦] Make a Guild/Alliance chat window with the Guild chat in it (you can also add whispers and party chat). Either make it your main chat, or move it somewhere that you can always see easily. The Guild/Alliance chat is crucial for a guild to function well.

[♦] Check the Notices available on our Discord.

[♦] Our secondary guild “Xedoc” is for alts and less active members who are skilled enough to be part of our Guild.

[♦] Notify a Manager if you can’t play for more than 1 week (exams, vacations, internet problems, anything) so we know why you aren’t playing. You can also post in this forum if you are leaving Codex or quitting Revelation.

– Streaming / Recording –

[♦] Don’t share any Guild Content unless you specifically ask Deioth for permission and get approval.
[♦] Notify others (add – Streaming or -Recording) when you want to gather footage for public use
[♦] Never upload people speaking about Guild Content / Tactics.

[♦] Hide guild chat with overlays or editing.
[♦] Get permission from members if you want to record their voice.