A small selection of our many World, Western and Europe Top achievements across multiple MMOs:
◘ TERA, Western Release: Codex PvP Win Against Whole Server | Europe Top PvP Guild | World First Kelsaik HM.

◘ WildStar: World Top Progression, 11 World Firsts, 16 Europe Firsts, 16 Server Firsts.

◘ Blade & Soul, Western Release: World First Blackwyrm killWorld First Max Guild Rank.

◘ Revelation Online, Western Release: Officially featured by for winning the International Challenge | Longest Top PvX/War/Guild Progression Rankings.

◘ Bless Online, memes aside: World First Full Territory Control | World First Guild level 13 | Leading Siege of Castra Tournament Victories.

◘ MapleStory 2, Global Release: Europe Top PvX/PvP/PvE Guild.