competitive network of skilled gamers


competitive network of skilled gamers

Codex is a Hardcore PvX Guild.

This means that we will constantly work on improving ourselves both as a guild and as individuals to achieve any goal we aim for.
At the moment we have a very active and stable roster, hence we are not actively recruiting.
We will soon have our updated requirements.
Everyone can have an opinion, and we can vote on what people want.

All in all, Codex has always been a huge success with the community when we open our guild to everyone to test upcoming games.
Oftentimes helping a stranger lead to making new friends in the process!

Codex originated in 2010 when Deioth (who was in Atra Astrum) saw the need for an English community Guild in the Korean MMORPG, TERA.
The idea behind Codex was to “create a competitive guild founded on discovering and sharing information while always striving to improve as a player”.
The guild was a huge success, housing over 750 players in a total of one year and publishing many guides with over 200,000 combined views.

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Codex is known for being a hardcore competitive guild.
Therefore, we constantly put our utmost efforts to provide you with the right environment and tools to unleash your full potential.

◘ Windrest – Cerulean Order
◘ PvX – We take PvE and PvP content seriously.
◘ Not a zerg – Skill over Quantity, our recruitment and trial procedure is tough for this reason.
◘ Website + tools + TeamSpeak3 512 slots server license.
◘ Everyone can voice their opinion, and we vote on big decisions.
No hierarchy where only the leader has a say in the guild.

◘ Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism towards the guild are welcome.
What do we expect from Applicants and Trials?
♦ PvP focus = 500 AP, 50% Crit, HM5, 2’000 1v1 Rank, conversation and spar test.
♦ PvE focus = 520 AP, 53% Crit, HM6, all PvE cleared, conversation and dungeon test.
♦ PvP and PvE = 510 AP, 51.5% Crit, HM6, 1’950 1v1 Rank, all PvE cleared, conversation and both tests.
♦ Active = Play with us 5 evenings a week.
♦ Mature = Give and take constructive feedback for everyone’s improvement.

♦ Motivated = Hardcore goals you want to reach.
♦ Dedicated = Constantly strive to achieve your goals.
♦ Friendly = Sense of guild camaraderie and respect others.
♦ Adaptive = Quickly learn new content.
♦ International = Understand and speak English.
♦ Communicative = Use TeamSpeak with us.


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