The Guild

competitive network of skilled gamers



Codex originated in 2010 when Deioth (who was in Atra Astrum) saw the need for an English community Guild in the Korean MMORPG, TERA.
The idea behind Codex was to “create a competitive guild founded on discovering and sharing information while always striving to improve as a player”.
The guild was a huge success, housing over 750 players in a total of one year and publishing many guides with over 200,000 combined views.

As TERA was announced for European release we took part in Alpha and Beta tests, providing valuable feedback from our expert knowledge and high skill level in the game.

Once TERA was released in Europe we went on to achieve recognition as one of the strongest TERA guild. Recognition that we still maintain.

During Gamescom 2011 Deioth met with the EU TERA team, Guild Wars 2 team and for the first time with the WildStar team.
He got his hands on the WildStar Alpha version, which he thoroughly enjoyed and made some gameplay videos on YouTube, which you can find here and here.



At the time we were very excited about WildStar, however it wasn’t until the Winter Closed Betas that we got to actively play the game.
After playing through the content, and reaching the end-game, we decided that we would expand our gaming network into WildStar, as one of our many homes for the future.
While helping test the Closed Betas and learning more about the game, we decided to set up our Codex guild as a community guild where anyone could ask for help or information. Everyone was welcome to join, and we helped hundreds of players this way, just as we had done previously with Korean TERA.
The guild of course focused on all aspects of the game; leveling, PvE, PvP, Paths, Professions, Elder Game content.

So far we have always found that opening up Codex to the community for Alphas and Betas or foreign versions of a game helps a lot of newer players. This way we spread our knowledge and help everyone have an overall better experience of the game.

Another reason of opening up Codex is to help many players network with each other, we ourselves often make great friends and end up playing on the same server at release.
Furthermore, when people experience issues or bugs, it is often much easier to just ask in guild rather than be ignored in the global channels.
This is also what makes Codex such a great guild for developers and publishers: We have a fully functional structure and years of experience in testing games, the feedback we provide is always detailed from thorough testing.
Furthermore our suggestions are always based on logic and feasibility.

All in all, Codex has always been a huge success with the community when we open our guild to everyone to test upcoming games.
Oftentimes helping a stranger lead to making new friends in the process!



To explain in greater details, the idea behind Codex is that there is no leader -> officer -> senior member -> member -> trial hierarchy.
Rather, the aim is to recruit active and skilled players and once they pass the trial they are promoted to Core member.
Often in the past there have been many examples where there was a distinct lack of communication between the leadership and the other members, as such we have a system where the leadership is the Core members itself.

To put it bluntly, the input of the Core members heavily affects the final decisions the guild leaders will make in-game, each of our opinions have the same weight in reaching guild decisions.

This way, in the long term, Codex connects more and more players with a similar mindset. This allows us expand our network of players across an increasing amount games that we enjoy playing together.


In short:

◘ We are always on the most active server (Moonsea in RO, Windrest in BnS, Jabbit in WS, Killian in TERA)
◘ PvX = We take PvE and PvP content seriously.
◘ We are an international guild. If you’re applying to us, we expect you to speak English.
◘ We are not a zerg guild, we value skill over quantity and therefore decline most applications.
◘ We have a private server running our website + tools + TeamSpeak3 server license.
◘ No hierarchy where only the leader/officers have a say in the guild. Everyone can have an opinion, and we can vote on what people want.
◘ Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome regarding the way the guild functions.

What do we expect from Applicants and Trials?

◘ You must be maximum level, or be able to level up fast.
◘ You must have end-game gear, or be able to gear up fast.
◘ Be mature. It is not so much about your age as it is about your personality and the way you act with others.
◘ Be active and dedicated. If you don’t do much when you are online you probably won’t fit into the guild.
◘ Be motivated and able to learn quickly. This is must have for people who want to perform well in PvP and PvE as well.
◘ Be an active TeamSpeak user. A working microphone is a must.