competitive network of skilled gamers


competitive network of skilled gamers

We are always on the most active server:
RO: Moonsea, BnS: Windrest, WS: Jabbit, TERA: Killian

We are an international PvX Guild. We take PvE and PvP content seriously.
We are not a zerg guild, we value skill over quantity and therefore decline most applications.
We have a private server running our website + tools + TeamSpeak3 server license.
No hierarchy where only the leader/officers have a say in the guild.
Everyone can have an opinion, and we can vote on what people want.

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Codex is known for being a hardcore competitive guild.
Therefore, we constantly put our utmost efforts to provide you with the right environment and tools to unleash your full potential.

PvX Guild Members

We are the highest skilled and stable Revelation Roster compared to other competitive Guilds.
This is due to our high requirements and Trials.

PvP Players

In every Siege and Event,
we are always ready to go.
Our PvP activity is one of the highest in the Server.

124 PvE Members

24/7 More than 60+ PvE members ready to hunt World Bosses and Join any expert dungeon with you.